Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live the F1 lifestyle and have the chance to sample a little piece of paradise?

If so, then you might not have to wonder any longer, thanks to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity being provided by TomTom following the launch of its new 'Map Paradise Project'.

TomTom is looking for five families, or groups of friend, who are prepared to spend two weeks mapping a tropical island while also earning 10,000 Euros at the same time.

You could get the chance to visit such exotic locations as Fiji, St Lucia, Mauritius, Cape Verde and the Seychelles and who knows, while carrying out your work, you may discover some routes that wouldn't look out of place if turned into a street circuit to grace the F1 calendar.

If you're worried that you wouldn't even know where to start when putting a map together, then don't be. The only real thing that is required is an enjoyment of exploring beautiful locations, a love of good weather and a decent sense of direction.

You'll drive round the island in a specially equipped mapping car in the first step in TomTom's mapping process - so it really is up to you how long the 'work' will last and how long it wil be until the relaxation begins!

Further details are available in the video below...

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