Lewis Hamilton has admitted that while he expects contract talks with McLaren later this summer to be tough, he doesn't think there will be 'many problems' either.

Although it has been mooted that the Englishman might move on at the end of this season, his comments, coming ahead of this weekend's European Grand Prix, suggest that he may well stay.

Indeed while McLaren chairman Ron Dennis played down media suggestions of a pay hike following the Canadian Grand Prix [see separate story - HERE], Hamilton isn't concerned.

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"Ron is very tough negotiator and was very tough when they negotiated the contract I have now," Hamilton said. "I expect him to be the same when we go back in, but I don't see there being that many problems, to be honest."

Speaking to Sky Sports News, Hamilton reiterated that there is no rush for him to ink a new deal.

"I am really not that bothered at the moment," he continued. "I am happy and proud to still be part of this team, to have the success that we have and work with the guys that I am working with.

"I'm really just excited about the next step, but that can come in time. Things will fall into place when they need to."