Bernie Ecclestone has suggested that he would consider putting some financial backing into an F1 race around the streets of London if a serious attempt to put an event in place was to emerge.

It emerged last week that one option being considered for the new Olympic stadium in London is for it to become part of an F1 circuit [See separate story HERE], while British Grand Prix sponsors Santander is set to host an event later today to showcase its view of what a London Grand Prix could look like.

McLaren drivers Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button have been involved in the Santander event, where a special CGI film will give an insight into how its proposed circuit would look.

While there has yet to any serious discussions about making a London Grand Prix a reality, Ecclestone has now said he would be prepared to put his own funds into making it happen if the chance were to arise - with the possibility that it would have a positive economic impact on the country as a whole.

"With the way things are, maybe we would front it and put the money up for it," he told The Times. "If we got the okay and everything was fine, I think we could do that.

"Think what it would do for tourism. It would be fantastic, good for London, good for England - a lot better than the Olympics."

Any event in London would run alongside the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.