McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has said he can see no reason why Britain shouldn't hold two F1 races.

The idea of another race in London has been generating a number of column inches in recent days and weeks, and only last night British Grand Prix sponsors Santander hosted an event to showcase its view of what a London Grand Prix could look like [CLICK HERE to watch the CGI film].

Although virtual, it all ties in nicely with reports F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone would be prepared to fund the race and recent stories that one option being considered for the new Olympic stadium in London is for it to become part of an F1 circuit.

"I'd like to be greedy and have both [Silverstone and a race in London]," Hamilton said. "Why not?

"Some other countries have two races like Spain and Germany, and arguably the UK makes an enormous contribution to F1, so I reckon that would be completely justified.

"Silverstone is more than just my home race, it is a giant of a circuit, a real racer's track. The idea of a London race presents a completely different possibility and it would be great to reward our home fans with two races, wouldn't it?"

Team-mate Jenson Button, who was also involved with the 'London Grand Prix by Santander' film, is also enthusiastic a race in the capital.

"We did an F1 street demonstration on Regent Street a few years ago, and half a million people came out to watch - I remember the sight of thousands of people on rooftops and balconies on every storey of every building along the route," he added.

"There's a mammoth following for F1 in the UK and a race in the city would be at the heart of everything, easily reachable by public transport.

"It would be a fantastic race for the drivers and the fans alike," concluded the 2009 F1 world champion.