The promoter of the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa has said that plans to alternate the race with an event in France are 'no longer on the agenda'.

Plans had been on the table to see the two events alternate on the schedule over the coming seasons, with such a move allowing France to return to the calendar while also ensuring that the Belgian race was able to continue at a time when funding issues had called its future into question.

However, the change in president in France after recent elections has now cast doubt over whether the French Grand Prix will indeed return, with the new ruling party reported to be less keen on seeing the race being put back on the calendar.

As a result, plans to alternate races in Belgian and France have now ended, with promotes at Spa having instead put a new proposal to Bernie Ecclestone to try and secure the race's place on the calendar.

"The election of Francois Hollande to the French presidency has changed the situation," he was quoted as telling L'Echo. "Hence, the (new) proposal we made to Mr Ecclestone. But I am bound by a confidentiality clause, so I cannot tell you."

L'Echo reports that Spa bosses are seeking a reduced fee due to Ecclestone in order to extend its current deal.