Fernando Alonso insists that Ferrari can't be completely happy with the current situation in F1, despite the fact that the Spaniard holds a 20 point lead heading into the British Grand Prix at Silverstone this weekend.

Alonso secured his second victory of the season last time out in Valencia, becoming the first driver this season to win more than once in the process, while rivals Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton both failed to score.

Speaking at Silverstone ahead of this week's race, Alonso said he was pleased with the current points situation but not with the fact that Ferrari still doesn't have the outright pace to challenge its rivals - as seen in Valencia where the double champion could only qualify in eleventh place.

"We are quite happy now with the situation in terms of points at least, because in terms of performance we know that there are still a few cars that are quicker than our car," he said," so we can't be completely happy.

"The job the team has done in the last three or four months has been amazing, recovering the 1.5 seconds that we were off the pace in Australia. This is good news, not only for this championship and for now but also for the future of the team. Now we have a good direction but there is still a lot to come from the team in the next races and next months in terms of the performance in the car and hopefully they will continue to work as they are working now."

Alonso added it was a pleasant surprise to be top of the championship standings but said that Ferrari couldn't relax if he is to maintain his title challenge.

"Regarding the points, it isn't a situation we were expecting," he said. "But we are honest with ourselves and we know there are a few cars quicker than us and we need to close the gap in the next couple races if we want to fight for the championship. If not, we know that they will eventually be in front.

"We are in race nine of 20, so at the moment championship positions and points are important, but it is not our main priority. The first thing for us is to improve the car."