Kimi Raikkonen has blamed a lack of wet weather tyres for limiting running today in practice for the F1 2012 British Grand Prix.

Raikkonen did just 6 laps this morning in P1 and 8 tours this afternoon in P2, finishing the day twelfth overall on the combined times.

"It was wet. It's a shame we don't have more wet tyres to be able to get more track time, but if it's going to rain for the whole weekend then everybody tries to save their allocation," explained the Lotus driver.

"We were able to test certain things so it wasn't a total waste of time. It was interesting to see the new section of the track; it's only a few corners so it doesn't make too much difference to a lap. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be a bit better.

"Even if it is wet again, everyone will go out in practice and in qualifying so we should see a drier line emerge. When there are only a couple of cars running this doesn't happen and there's much more chance of aquaplaning, but with everyone out there it should be much better."

Team-mate Romain Grosjean meanwhile took a different approach to the day, setting the pace in P1 and notching up 13 laps. However this afternoon he failed to set a time and spent virtually all of it in the garage, again to preserve tyres.

"It wasn't the busiest day ever due to the weather conditions but still FP1 went well. The car looks to be good and consistent. We tested a few new aero parts which have worked pretty well. I also learnt that the old part of the circuit has a bit more grip than the new part. At the end of FP1 this morning it was incredibly wet and the same conditions at the start of FP2 so we had to wait and be patient," he added.

"I would have liked to have more track time but due to the regulations on tyres we didn't want to use up all our wet tyre allocation as more rain is expected on Saturday and Sunday. We looked at putting inters on but it wasn't dry enough so we couldn't really do many laps this afternoon.

"The conditions were a shame for the fans out there who came to watch us today, but we always appreciate their support."