Red Bull driver Mark Webber enjoys racing at Silverstone - even in the wet, although perhaps not quite as wet as it got in qualifying on Saturday.

"It's been a good track for me since 1995 when I won my first Formula Ford race here," said the Australian "So it goes back quite a while - don't want to show my age too much!" he laughed.

"It's a good track, it's challenging for the drivers and it's nice to let the car breathe a little bit in some of the quick stuff," he added.

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As for driving in the wet on Saturday, Webber said that "risk management was very important," adding: "It's a long lap to put together; there are rivers, you can improve here and there but also if you try to push a bit harder you can have no corners on the car.

"It's better to try to finish the lap and get yourself up there," he said of qualifying. "I'm very happy with my lap and ultimately we're in a good position to start the race tomorrow. Visibility will be important if it's wet, and go from there."

Other drivers have suggested that the track was getting so waterlogged than any further heavy showers could end up making the race impossible to go ahead, but Webber said he had confidence in the race officials and director Charlie Whiting.

"Charlie has learned a lot in the last few years and has done a very good job in certain conditions, so he know what wet tyres are capable of," he said. "Also factor in the visibility so they are the two main things: standing water and visibility. If they are under control then we race, if they're not then we don't.

"After that, we work through the tyres and the race is okay. Tomorrow is obviously a big day for Charlie tomorrow to communicate with us like he does - a good job over the last few years, no problems."

Sports-mad Webber was also enthusiastic about the other big sporting event in Britain on Sunday, the men's tennis finals at Wimbledon.

"Honestly it's a great final," he said of the match between Roger Federer and Andy Murray. "Whoever wins it's a great story. Obviously for Andy, first Grand Slam, first Wimbledon and for Roger, obviously he's a phenomenal sportsman, to match Pistol Pete on seven [championships].

"He's a real inspiration, Federer. He would be good to watch," added Webber - although he'll be hoping that his British Grand Prix doesn't end prematurely to allow him to catch the opening games.