Fernando Alonso said that he was hoping that the showers would give Silverstone a miss on Sunday, as dry weather would give the Ferrari driver the best opportunity to press home his advantage of starting in pole position.

"Ideally we would like a dry race because you maximise the pole position a little bit and you have a bit of free air," he confirmed. "Especially in the first stint if you do a good start.

"If it's wet or changeable conditions as we've the whole weekend, grid positions are not really important, because on lap eight it could start raining or drying up or whatever and someone at the back may have nothing to lose and could maybe change tyres or whatever and finds himself first or second," he explained.

"With these weather conditions the qualifying becomes one of the less important qualifyings of the year because everything will mix up after a few laps," he added. But that didn't mean that he didn't have equally high hopes of his chances of getting another race win if the conditions turned wet again.

"It's more difficult but let's see," he said. "For visibility and things like that it's always better to start at the front.

"I think the car should also be competitive on extreme wet tyres," he added. "But in wet conditions you never know. You need to be in the right place in the right moment ... You never know exactly the conditions of the next corner when you arrive on a day like today."

He summed up: "I think we felt competitive on the dry, inters and wet so we will see tomorrow what we can do."