Mark Webber's future in F1 might have got a bit clearer after his victory in the British Grand Prix at Silverstone at the weekend, with one of the smoothest drives of his career.

"I really wanted this," admitted Webber of his second time on top of the podium in Britain in F1. "I love racing at Silverstone ... I won my first race at the track in Formula Ford in '96, and the love affair continues."

As for the race, Webber suggested that: "It didn't look like a spectacular race maybe between Fernando and I initially, but it was one." And the key had been patience, with the Red Bull driver having to trust that the race would come back to him at the end.

"I thought in the first stint that Fernando was in very, very good shape to probably close the win out, but it came our way in the last stint and I am absolutely over the moon, absolutely rapt," said the Australian. "You've got to grab these ones with both hands and I was very keen to grab with both hands today. I had a single opportunity to pounce and I wasn't going to let that slip."

The win closes the gap in the drivers' championship standings between Webber and current points leader Fernando Alonso to just 13pts, although Webber insisted that he was trying to put such considerations out of his mind for the time being.

"I'm not getting too fired up about any particular championship positions at the moment, but what is for sure is that I have a nice haul of points to keep going with," said Webber. "We will enjoy today's result, really soak it up. That's what's important. You have to remember how hard we work for these results."

Webber is also ahead of his Red Bull team Sebastian Vettel in the championship battle to the tune of 16pts, giving team principal Christian Horner a potential explosive in-house rivalry to manage in the near-future.

Horner insisted that it was a "nice headache to have," and said much had changed since the stormy 2010 season which saw the two drivers seemingly at loggerheads for much of the year, including an embarrassing coming-together during that year's Turkish Grand Prix.

"There's a genuine respect between the two of them. Sebastian's obviously achieved so much in such a short space of time but in Mark he's got a very genuine competitor," explained Horner. "We've seen them race closely, certainly at previous races and I'm sure they'll be close racing between them in races to come."

But will that partnership survive the end of the 2012 season, when Webber's contract with Red Bull expires?

"I think Mark wants to be in the team next year," said Horner, cautiously. "As we have always stated, during the summer we will sit down and talk about the future. In the next few weeks we will be talking about 2013." (See Separate story - CLICK HERE.)

Webber himself suggested that winning this weekend's British Grand Prix tipped the balance for him personally as to whether he wanted to continue in the sport at all for another year, during which he will turn 37.

"I think I'll be in F1 next year," he confirmed after the race on Sunday. And without doubt, in the meantime he'll also be pushing for a championship title to call his own - no matter how relaxed he may still appear to be about the title fight on the surface.


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