Williams' chief operations engineer Mark Gillan has sprung to the defence of Pastor Maldonado in the wake of the verbal broadside the Venezuelan was on the receiving end of following his clash with Sergio Perez in the British Grand Prix.

Perez was livid after the incident, branding the 27-year-old 'a very dangerous driver', and he warned that unless the FIA takes action 'someone may get hurt'. He also added that 'everybody has concerns about him'[see separate story - HERE].

While the stewards did take action though, issuing a reprimand and fining Maldonado 10,000 Euros, Gillian felt it was nothing more than a racing incident.

"We looked at it; in our opinion Perez squeezed Pastor," Gillan told ESPNF1.com. "Pastor had the inside line, he braked, he locked the wheels and effectively grabbed the car. You can see a heavy twitch where he's fighting the car and the back end pushed right and hit Perez, so to me it is a racing incident.

"Pastor is a real fighter. He's quick, he's a robust person on track and we've had a few incidents in the last number of races.

"I think this was unfortunate but to me it's a racing incident. I can't see anything in it," he continued.

Gillan meanwhile added that he doesn't think this latest accident will affect Maldonado's confidence.

"Of course [we speak to him and discuss things like this]. We say that 'you've got to bring it home' to both the drivers, but with this one when he braked he was on the line and the car unfortunately just lost grip and he just couldn't control it. He definitely didn't want to hit Perez, that's for sure.

"He is very mentally robust and certainly that's a major strength of his. He's not fazed by it and he just wants to drive the car as quickly as he can - and he usually does. So I don't have any worries about that at all."