Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vettel has set his sights on winning the German Grand Prix this weekend, a feat he has yet to achieve.

Despite already being a two-time F1 world champion and a winner of 22 F1 races, the 25-year-old has yet to triumph in front of his home fans and while he has finished on the rostrum twice - with a third place finish in 2010 at Hockenheim and a second place finish in 2009 at the Nurburging - he now wants to get onto the top step.

"I'm looking forward to the German GP, hopefully there will be at least as many people supporting the German drivers as there were in Silverstone," Vettel said.

"Hockenheim is only half an hour away from my home town, so I have a lot of friends and family there and it's always a special crowd to race in front of.

"I've driven on that circuit in different series and it's always been great. The campsites near the new circuit are fun and it's special to meet the fans there. I haven't won the German GP before and of course, I would like to!"

Team-mate Mark Webber meanwhile will also be looking to do well and while he knows Vettel will have the home advantage, he heads to Germany buoyed by his second win of the season last time out in GB.

"Obviously the German GP now switches between Nurburgring and Hockenheim with this year's taking place in Hockenheim. We were last there in 2010 and it's always a good atmosphere. There are plenty of German drivers on the grid and the support for them is always massive," he added.

"There's a long, long straight around the back into the hairpin, so we have a high top speed there and it's always important to get the last sector together due to the combination of corners in quick succession.

"The temperatures will be interesting as it can sometimes be a hot race, so I'm looking forward to it."