McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has given the thumbs up to renewed talk of a night-race around the streets of Moscow.

His comments come in the wake of the fifth annual Moscow City Racing event, which took place in the city last weekend. Hamilton was at the event to demo his McLaren with Giancarlo Fisichella and Charles Pic also in action for Ferrari and Marussia respectively.

"I've seen some images of Moscow at night and it looks absolutely spectacular, so I think having a night race here one day as we do in Singapore would be one of the highlights of our season. I hope that you guys welcome us," Hamilton told the RIA news agency. "A street circuit around a city is the most exciting thing.

"You see the lights, you see the architecture, you get to see so many incredible things when you're racing."

Russia is currently scheduled to host its first F1 race at the Black Sea resort in Sochi in 2014, having reached a six-year deal with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone back in October 2010. However, organisers of the Moscow City Racing event, have said they are 'ready' to step in if need be.

"If it were up to us, the dream of holding F1 races in Moscow would become a reality," added Derk Sauer, general director for the Moscow City Racing event. "The drivers say that a track around the Kremlin would be ideal for a real race.

"At the moment this is a political question [though], everything depends on the Russian government, now there is a contract for holding a F1 stage in Sochi. But if the Moscow question arises again, we are ready."

Vladimir Chernikov, a spokesman for Moscow City Hall, echoed those thoughts: "Moscow really is ready to hold a F1 race. The specialists think it would be one of the fastest city circuits. Faster than Monaco

"Of course, there would be certain organisational problems, such as the streets would have to be closed off for three days, rather than two [for promotion events]. But I think that we'd solve all these problems.

"Moscow would definitely cope with the task of creating one of the best races in the world."