Charles Pic made the most of the fifth annual Moscow City Racing event to give Marussia's demo car a 'tough time' at the weekend.

Pic got the chance to hit the streets around the Kremlin on Sunday and he wowed the crowds with a series of demonstration runs on the specially-configured road course. In the end he did two three-lap, crowd-pleasing runs, before rounding things off with some burn-outs and donuts.

"It has been a real experience to come to Russia for the first time and take part in the Moscow City Racing event. For me, having never been to Russia before, this trip was a little overdue given that I drive for an Anglo-Russian team, but it was well worth the wait," said the Frenchman.

"The fans have been quite incredible and it's a chance for me to let loose a little and give the demo car a hard time! I certainly won't be driving my own car like that in Germany.

"My thanks to everyone who has made this such a special trip for me and the guys on the team. Moscow is a very cool city."

Andy Webb, Marussia F1 team CEO, added: "Given the strength of our fan following in Russia, we expected to receive a warm welcome at our Moscow City Racing debut, but the support for our team has been quite overwhelming.

"F1 is growing rapidly here and the level of appreciation for the detail of the sport amongst the media and the fans is quite incredible. Charles put on a great show for the crowd in our demo car and seemed to be enjoying himself, which was good to see.

"We and Marussia Motors would like to thank our event partner Liga Stavok for their support and excellent organisation. It has been a very rewarding experience for both parties. Some of our regular partners also made the trip out to Moscow to support us and we have enjoyed continuing to build the relationships we enjoy with QNet, Monster and CNBC this weekend. Finally, I would like to thank the organisers of the Moscow City Racing event.

"It has been a really fantastic weekend for the whole team and long may our participation continue."

Marussia were not the only team to attend the event, as McLaren's Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari's Giancarlo Fisichella also took part [to see video footage of Fisichella and Ferrari in action - CLICK HERE].


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