McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh is confident the team will secure a new long term deal with Lewis Hamilton, although he has rejected the need for it to be sorted out over the summer break.

Earlier this week, Hamilton said he was hoping a new deal could be agreed next month [see separate story - HERE], however, Whitmarsh feels there is no need for a 'tight timeframe for resolution'.

"I am expecting that we will," Whitmarsh replied during a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes phone-in ahead of this weekend's F1 2012 German Grand Prix, when asked if the team will ink a new long term agreement with the Brit.

"Obviously we have known Lewis for a long time. We have been concentrating on the season and I think there has been more speculation, more concern and more interest in this situation in the media than perhaps within the team or within Lewis' mind.

"We appear nowadays to often be asked questions about it. But I don't think it occupies as much time in our minds as it does in column inches."

"I don't think we should put any timeframe on it [either]," he added. "I think for both parties it is something that has got to be determined, preferably before the end of the season. But I don't think there is any need to give ourselves a tight timeframe for that resolution."

As for suggestions the team's current dip in form might influence Hamilton's decision, Whitmarsh was quick to dismiss it.

"No, I don't think [two more bad races might mean we will be struggling to hold on to him], because we are going to the next two races to try and win as we go to every race.

"I think Lewis is more intelligent than that and I would hope so is most of the media," he summed-up.