Fernando Alonso said he felt reasonably pleased with Friday practice for the German Grand Prix having set the third best time behind the two McLaren drivers.

The Ferrari man, who heads the championship standings going into the Hockenheim weekend, was unable to truly evaluate upgrades introduced by the team due to the conditions on track, with limited dry running available after rain fell at the German circuit.

Despite that however, Alonso was pleased with the way the day had panned out with the team hoping to evaluate its new parts when better weather is expected on Saturday.

"All in all, I am reasonably pleased with how things went," he said. "We ran in various conditions, going from the dry to a damp track and then a completely wet one and tomorrow, at least according to the weather forecast at the moment, we could have a very similar scenario to today when it comes to qualifying.

"The car behaved well in all conditions, which is always a good thing and we were also able to see how the various types of tyre worked and when was the right moment to switch from one to another. The technical updates on the car? We did not have enough time to evaluate them in depth: let's hope we can do that tomorrow."

Technical director Pat Fry agreed that the team would have benefitted more from dry running, although he said the early indications were that the updates are a step in the right direction.

"At least it seems that the rain is not just an English phenomenon this summer!" he said. "Joking apart, we would definitely have preferred a nice sunny day or at least, a dry track throughout in order to get through all the work programme we had planned for today. Unfortunately, we were only able to do a few laps on the dry tyres this morning, however, not many of these were useful, because the rain kept making an appearance.

"From what we could see, the car seems to be more or less alright in terms of balance, both in the dry and the wet. Some of the updates we have here proved to be okay right from the start, while in order to evaluate the others fully, we need to analyse carefully what little data we were able to gather today. Tomorrow, the possibility of having another wet qualifying seems quite high, while for the race, it is meant to be dry. At Silverstone, we were competitive in both conditions: let's hope the same applies here too."