Kimi Raikkonen admits that the Lotus F1 team could have been closer to the top of the F1 points tables, but insists that luck has nothing to do with it.

The Finn, who returned to the top flight this season after two years away in the World Rally Championship, currently lies fifth in the drivers' standings, while Lotus moved ahead of McLaren into third overall after the British Grand Prix. Although the points margins are tight, Raikkonen was his usual phlegmatic self when asked to assess his season so far.

"Well, I am in fifth position so, for sure, it could be better - but also worse," he told the official F1 website, "It is what it is and, of course, we try to do better - and hopefully it will work out more pleasingly in the second half of the season. But, then, who knows if this is going to happen? I want to do good races and then let's see where it gets me."

The 2007 world champion has finished on the podium three times in the nine races held so far, taking second place in both Bahrain and Valencia and third in Barcelona, leaving him nine points behind Lewis Hamilton in the individual standings, but is happier to see Lotus in amongst the expected frontrunners in the teams' championship.

"For the team, it is a great thing, but still I would say that we could have done better in certain places - and could have scored more points," he conceded, "Let's be frank, it is always easy to say we should have been better here or there, but reality sometimes bites. It is always about making a decision and, of course, you analyse the situation and try to make that decision as accurate as possible. But then circumstances can change, so sometimes it works and, at other times, not. You have to learn to stick with your decision - it is never productive to cry over spilled milk. We have learned a lot from the first half and carry that momentum to the second half."

The one question mark that has been held over Lotus in 2012 is that is should probably have won a race, particularly during the opening phase of the season when the sport saw eight different winners in as many races. Raikkonen challenged for the lead in Bahrain, before having to settle for second, and wasn't far behind Pastor Maldonado and Fernando Alonso in Spain, but he insists that victory, if and when it happens, will be down to driver and team rather than good fortune.

"I would say that there is not such a thing than a flawless race - you always make small mistakes," he commented, "That is part of the game. I don't regret any race. Sometimes you have chances, and sometimes it simply doesn't work out the way you want it to. That's life.

"I don't believe in luck, because luck seldom has much to do with the championship standings. It is not lucky or unlucky when something goes wrong. It is all about that we've done something wrong ourselves. If something breaks, it has nothing to do with luck, but everything about mistakes or parts not being strong enough for the demands. If I make a mistake, would I call myself unlucky? No. Here it is all about improving and eliminating mistakes. Usually, it is a human error - it's as simple as that."


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