Stefano Domenicali said he felt the German Grand Prix had been 'like a qualifying run' after Fernando Alonso secured his third victory of the season at Hockenheim.

Having started from pole, Alonso led throughout despite the close attention of both Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button to clinch a victory that allowed him to extend his championship lead to 34 points.

Speaking afterwards, Domenicali admitted that the race had been difficult to watch from the pits and praised Alonso for a drive he felt was nothing short of perfect.

"It was like a 67 lap qualifying run!" he said. "I find it hard to remember watching from the pit wall such a tight race from the start to the chequered flag. Fernando was perfect: not one mistake, not one hesitation, pushing to the maximum for an hour and a half. What a driver! The team were also great, managing everything to perfection. We expected to face some stiff opposition and that was the case: to keep ahead of them, we had to do a better job."

Despite the victory however, Domenicali echoed Alonso's view that Red Bull and McLaren were still quicker than his own team and that Ferrari would need to push hard next week in Hungary to help the Spaniard maintain his lead.

"Now we come to what will be a key race, in just a week's time, in Budapest and then we will be able to pause for breath for a moment," he said. "We know we still have a lot of work to do, because we are still not the fastest. We have seen how quickly things can change this season, therefore we must keep concentrating to the maximum, especially on the reliability front."