Charles Pic has declared himself pleased with recent progress made by the Marussia team as he chases another solid finish in Hungary this weekend.

Having suffered three retirements in the opening six races, Pic has enjoyed a more fruitful spell in the past four races - which included matching his best result of 15th place in Valencia.

With Marussia having introduced a series of upgrades in recent races, Pic said he was pleased with the progress being made by the team and was hopeful of a good result to take into the summer break.

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"I came away from Hockenheim with a positive feeling," he said. "It is reassuring that the new package seems to have been performing consistently in Silverstone and Germany. For this reason I'm happy that we go to Hungary directly because we have everything fresh in our mind and we can see how well the car is suited to another different type of track.

"I really enjoyed the Hungaroring on the four occasions that I raced there in other series and had a good performance there last year in GP2, so I am comfortable with the circuit already, which always helps. After that, everyone in the team deserves to have a nice break to prepare for the many long haul races which follow later in the year, so I hope we can have another positive race this weekend."

Team-mate Timo Glock said he too was looking forward to the race which he said was almost like a second home race after the German GP.

"I've always had a bit of a special feeling about the Hungarian Grand Prix, to the point where it almost feels like a second home race," he said. "I have quite a lot of fans, particularly since I got the first podium finish of my F1 career there in 2008. Every time, I look forward to going there because for some reason I always seem to come to terms with the track very quickly and I've always enjoyed good races because of that. I think the weather will be a lot hotter - and drier - than in Hockenheim; sometimes the heat can be quite fierce, a little like Valencia. Physically it can be quite exhausting because of this, especially if it continues all weekend.

"It's a back to back with Germany, so a tight turnaround for the team who have to cope with the heat as well. We all have the summer break to look forward to though; we all love to race but it has been a very demanding season so far and we need to get ourselves ready for '2012 - Part Two'."