Sebastian Vettel has denied branding Lewis Hamilton's decision to unlap himself during the German Grand Prix last weekend as 'stupid' and has accused the media of putting words in his mouth.

Although the German did definitely use the word 'stupid', remarking that it was 'a bit stupid to disturb the leaders' [see full story - HERE], he is now convinced he was misquoted.

Furthermore, Vettel remains adamant that it was unnecessary for the Englishman to get involved in the fight for the lead, given he was out of contention after he had to pit because of an early puncture.

"I didn't say it was a stupid decision. If I say after the race that I thought it was unnecessary and then it gets quoted that I say he's stupid it's quite disappointing," Vettel told reporters today in Hungary.

"Sometimes I have a mouth, I say a couple of words, you have ears but it seems that in that process mistakes do happen sometimes.

"If you look at the rules it's clear: you're allowed to do that [unlap yourself]. I said it was unnecessary.

"I was hunting Fernando [Alonso], it was a couple of laps to the stop. It didn't help me, it probably helped Jenson [Button - his team-mate]. That's racing. I'm not complaining.

"But it was unnecessary from a racing point of view to distract the leaders no matter who it was.

"And that's it."


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