Jenson Button insisted that McLaren had got his strategy wrong after he only finished sixth in the Hungarian Grand Prix.

While team-mate Lewis Hamilton secured his second win of the season on a two-stop strategy, Button was switched onto a three-stop strategy which ultimately cost him the chance of finishing alongside his team-mate on the podium.

Running third, Button swapped onto a three-stop strategy but then rejoined behind Bruno Senna after his second stop, finding himself stuck behind the Williams man and dropping down to seventh by the time he had completed his third and final stop.

Although he eventually took sixth after Mark Webber made his final stop and slipped behind the McLaren man, Button questioned the decision to change his planned strategy and also the timing of his second and third stops and said the team needed to learn from its mistakes.

"I think our strategy could have been okay, it didn't really work out for anyone on three stops," he told Sky Sports. "But I don't know why we pitted so early each time, the second and third stop we pitted very early and the tyres were still in good condition.

"I guess the team thought it would jump the guys in front of me but each time I came out in traffic. I said to the guys 'Is this traffic I am in quicker than the guys in front?' They said 'No' and I thought 'I am a bit stuffed really'.

"We didn't look too good when it came to strategy today, especially on my car and hopefully we will learn from that but I also want to say congratulations to Lewis and the team on the win."


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