David Coulthard has sampled parts of the circuit that will be created to allow F1 to race on the streets of New York during an 'American vacation' for the Red Bull Racing showcar.

The former F1 racer drove the RB7 championship-winning car Liberty State Park, the Lincoln Tunnel and the streets of the race course, which winds through both Weehawken and West New York.

The event made the Red Bull car the first F1 machine to drive parts of the new circuit, with a special promo video set to be released by the team in the near future showing Coulthard in action.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing what the final video looks like," he said. "We've done Liberty State Park, the Lincoln Tunnel and the racetrack for next season. Bringing all those elements together, the combination of the high-speed stuff in the car combined with the tracking shots, we're going to end up with something that will be really entertaining for the fans.

"The fans are already asking me on my Twitter account when they can see the footage, so there is a lot of excitement about Formula One coming to America. Red Bull have done more than anyone to promote the fact that we're going to have not one, but two grands prix in the States.

"This is a big enough country, a sophisticated audience that gets the technology of Formula One and at the moment, we are delivering good racing."