Romain Grosjean insists it would be a pleasure if he was to become the first Lotus driver to win in F1 since Ayrton Senna.

Senna's victory in Detroit back in 1987 was the last time a Lotus driver has taken to the top step of the podium, although Kimi Raikkonen and Grosjean have both shown race-winning potential so far this year and have both taken to the podium in the first half of the season.

Although there are no direct links to the Lotus team that Senna took to victory more than 20 years ago, Grosjean insisted that it would be a special achievement if he could put his name next to the famous Brazilian on the list of Lotus F1 winners.

"I do not think the pressure [to win] is more," the Frenchman was quoted as telling Totalrace when asked about the pressure of following Senna. "I think that F1 is already filled with pressure. If we win, it will be fantastic for the team personnel in the factory for all we have done since the beginning of the year and all we have achieved.

"And if I was the first driver to win for Lotus since Ayrton Senna, it would be something more to the process and more a cause for happiness. It would be even more of a pleasure."

Grosjean has impressed many with his performances this season after making the step up from GP2, although former F1 man Nelson Piquet Jr - who was replaced by Grosjean at Renault mid-way through 2009 when he first joined the grid - said it was very much a case of the Frenchman being in the right place at the right time.

"Had Alonso been there he would be winning the Championship with that car," he said. "Sure he has improved a lot but there is no phenomenon. Nothing compared to Alonso.

"He is luck is that after F1 he got another season in GP2, found a sponsor and returned to F1 as a paying driver, right? Then things were, how do you say, right in his career. Timing was very good for him."

"He's had a lot of luck, came at a time with a team-mate who is a little weak and a very good car."