Are you an avid fan of the post-race press conferences given by the drivers who have just been celebrating on the podium? Then this August summer quiz should be a breeze for you, as we revisit the season so far in the form of the winners' own words.

Each question contains a quotation that comes from one of the post-race press conference that has followed each of the Grand Prix races held so far in 2012. That makes 11 GPs in total, so sure enough there are 11 quotations for you to try and identify the winner doing the talking and the race they've just won in each case. Each winner/race combination is the answer to one (and only one) of the quotes - so you might find that you make a guess early on, only to realise that you actually need that answer later on for a different question.

Sometimes the drivers aren't quite as uniquely witty and insightful as they'd like to be, and one week's quote can sound much like another. We've tried to play fair and give you quotes that leave you with a decent chance of guessing the speaker or the race by various cues about their speech patterns or details that they give about the race. Even so, it might not be as easy as you think!

If you really want to cheat, then we can tell you upfront that all the answers can be found in's F1 feature section, which contains transcripts from all the press conferences for the entire season. But we recommend that you avoid looking up the answers either there or through Google, Wikipedia and the rest, because where's the fun and satisfaction of doing it that way?

Instead, let your genuine F1 knowledge and expertise shine through, so that you'll deserve any bragging you feel like doing about your result in the comments section!

Ready to start? Then CLICK HERE to take a look at the first quotation of the 11, and good luck to you with them all!


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