Have you ever wondered who would come out on top in a race between the leading motorsport stars from all disciplines across the years?

Have you ever questioned who would win a straight fight between the likes of Michael Schumacher, Juan Manual Fangio, Mick Doohan, Valentino Rossi, Sebatien Loeb, Colin McRae and Dale Earnhardt?

If so, then it's time to decide who you think would come out on top of a battle between the biggest legends in motorsport and it's not just for fun; it could earn you a year's worth of free insurance with Adrian Flux!

Of course, the only way to compare legends from different eras is by putting them all in the same machinery, which is exactly what will happen in the special race.

The unique race, which for understandable reasons will take place in a virtual environment, will see the competitors do battle in 100cc go-karts around the famous Monaco circuit, with the smaller dimensions of the karts set to create plenty of passing opportunities around the iconic venue.

Brake and tyre preservation will be key as the competitors battle it out for 10 laps of adrenalin packed thrills and spills before the winner emerges.

Each driver chosen to form the shortlist of competitors will start level and is set at a time when each driver would have been at their peak.

A short biography will fill you in on each competitor to give you the opportunity to make a final decision on your top five in the race. In order to win, you need to pick the correct finishing order according to the expert panel of judges at classic car insurance specialists Adrian Flux.

If nobody guesses the correct order, closest wins.

It really is that simple, so if you fancy your chances of securing the prize - and reducing your motoring bill for the year ahead in the meantime - then simply CLICK HERE.

Best of luck from everybody at the Adrian Flux team!

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