Lotus has yet to decide if it will run its new double DRS in the Belgian Grand Prix, with the team set to test the device again during Friday practice at Spa.

The team debuted the part on Kimi Raikkonen's car in practice at Hockenheim and the Finn then ran the part again on Friday in Budapest, although the team elected not to race the device on either occasion.

Both Raikkonen and Grosjean are set to run the part on Friday at Spa before a decision is taken on race day, with technical director James Allison saying the team had worked over the summer break to ensure it could race the part if needed.

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"A big focus has been getting ready for Monza, which is immediately after Spa and requires a unique downforce package," he said. "It's only one race but it requires a whole new set of wings and a disproportionate amount of work. We've also been focusing on ensuring that we have the capability to run the new device in Spa should we be confident enough to do so."

Grosjean has yet to run the new part and he said he was interested to see what impact it would have behind the wheel.

"The interesting device!" he quipped when asked for his thoughts. "If it gives me an advantage I'm certainly looking forward to driving with