McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh says the team isn't looking to debut its own version of double DRS this weekend at Spa.

Mercedes has been running a system since the start of the season while Lotus has tested its own version in Friday practice in both Germany and Hungary, although it has yet to give it a race debut.

Speaking in a Vodafone McLaren Mercedes phone-in, Whitmarsh revealed that McLaren had no plans to introduce its own version of double DRS in the first race after the summer break, although he didn't deny that it might appear before the end of the year.

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"I think you'll see that over the next few races the majority of cars will have new wings I imagine," he said." At any one moment we have a variety of development projects on going. The double DRS is interesting but it hasn't received the maximum amount of resource. We have a finite amount of resource and we try and judge where we will get the biggest bang for our buck.

"We have found other projects that deserve that resource and we have had greater performance return from them. I think there are other variants of it starting to be seen on other cars. They might not follow the pattern that we saw on the Mercedes. But we are not announcing when, where or if we are going to introduce it. I think you will see different wing variants and other visual items on our car in scrutineering later today and as they take to the track.

"So there will be new bits but McLaren will not have a double DRS in Belgium."