Reports from Spa suggest that Charles Pic's management team will be holding meetings with other teams this weekend in a bid to secure the Frenchman a seat in F1 in 2013 with a team further up the grid than his current berth at Marussia.

According to RMC Sport, Pic brings in around 7 million euros to Marussia but his management team Lagardere led by experienced manager Didier Coton are growing dissatisfied with the team's return on the investment and are pursuing possible openings with Sauber and Force India, among others.

The report said that Caterham Racing "is also interested," amid reports that their current driver Vitaly Petrov might be looking to leave the team after the current season.

At the Thursday press conference, Pic himself was talking up his first season in F1 so far.

"I am quite happy about my first half of the season. Everything was new for me, so first races were not easy because everything was new and there were a lot of things to learn," he said. "But I am quite happy with my progress and quite happy with the team's progress because the start of the year was not easy.

"We were not able to make the winter tests. They worked really hard and made a lot of improvements," he continued. "It's not easy to see because the position is not changing but we are trying to close the gap ... We are not in the position yet to fight with [Caterham] but it was much closer for the last two races - Hockenheim and Budapest. It's great and I hope that with the update it will be even closer this weekend," he said.

"So, really looking forward to the second part of the season and to updates coming from the summer, so we'll see how it is and on my side I will be focused to keep pushing hard and improving myself."

For their part, Marussia is sending out signals that they are more than happy with Pic's contribution to the team (both on the track and doubtless financially, too) and would like to see the partnership persist into 2013.

"I think this year he has matured in his approach in F1," said the team's technical consultant Pat Symonds. "There is no doubt that he's fast, he has proven that on a number of occasions, and I think race by race he learns more about the nuances of the tyres and indeed the way one approaches a GP weekend."


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