For the man who dominated 2011 with 11 race wins over the course of last year, the F1 2012 season has been somewhat of a return to earth for reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel, with only one appearance on the top spot of the podium so far at Bahrain.

"Of course we would love to win more, but unfortunately we did not use the chances that we had here and there so far," admitted Vettel ahead of this weekend's Belgium Grand Prix at Spa. "In Bahrain we were able to win, and that we have not been able to win at other races had different reasons.

"Still, the season is quite long, there are more races, and I am confident that we will be able to win at least one of them, or even more," he added.

Spa would appear to be a good bet for a quick return to winning ways, after he won from pole position here last year, and it's certainly a favourite track for the champion. "Such a nice track, with fast corners, flowing corners, such as Eau-Rouge. This is what makes it so special," he said.

But Vettel was quick to point out that Spa was such an unpredictable place that he could take nothing for granted going in and that anything could happen.

"It is very difficult here to predict what is going to happen. First of all the weather situation is changing throughout the weekend," he said, pointing to the wet conditions on Friday but a dry forecast for Saturday and Sunday. "All of this could possibly change here within an hour!"

Then there is the matter of what upgrades the various teams' technical departments have come up with over the extended August break.

"I know what car we will have for this weekend, but it is almost impossible to say what all the other teams will come up with," he pointed out. "My hopes are that the car will be fine here, but it's hard to tell."

Vettel was certainly hopeful that the wild 'random' nature of the early part of the season was behind them and that the next nine races would see teams' true form and relative positions finally emerge - hopefully to the benefit of Red Bull.

"The more races you have down the road, the more consistent you hopefully get, and then you should be able to collect more points with that consistency," he explained.

And that consistency will be key to any chance that Vettel has of retaining his title this year, he admits, from his current third place in the drivers' championship just 2pts behind team mate Mark Webber in second place, but a worrying 42pts behind Fernando Alonso at the top of the standings.

"This is the target, that we have to have to be amongst the top teams fighting for the championship," he said. "It will be tough, as we literally go from one place to the next, and even from one side of the planet to the other."