Lewis Hamilton has insisted that he's not expecting to get any additional help from his team mate Jenson Button, despite hints from McLaren team principal Martin Whitmarsh that the team could soon be asking Button to play a supporting role for the rest of the season.

"It will be quite a few races before we make that decision," Whitmarsh had insisted. "There may well come a point, but there are still many races left and many points on offer - things can change quickly." (See separate story.)

But Hamilton said that was in no hurry to see that happen at all.

"Jenson races for the team [but] he races for the points for himself as well and he's getting stronger as the season goes on," said Hamilton in Spa ahead of this weekend's Belgian Grand Prix. "I anticipate that that's going to be the case throughout the rest of the season."

Hamilton added that he personally wanted Button to keep pushing as hard as possible and not to start backing off. "I need him scoring points as well. I want him to do well," he said.

Hamilton said that he hadn't liked seeing drivers being ordered to back off to help team mates in past seasons, perhaps thinking of the notorious moment when Felipe Massa had been instructed to make way for Fernando Alonso.

"I've watched back in the years when drivers let drivers past and it doesn't feel right to me, I wouldn't be asking for that," insisted Hamilton. "If I'm not quick enough then I'm not quick enough. I want to win because I'm quickest, not because I've been given points by someone being held up."

Hamilton said that it was a priority for McLaren to continue improving the car, saying that they were currently not the quickest car on race day and needed to boost the race pace to match that of their qualifying form.

"I think our car has generally been quite good at higher speed circuits," he said, suggesting that they should fare well at Spa and Monza although he lamented that this hadn't been the case for his home event at Silverstone.

"I generally think it's been quite good in higher and medium speed corners but not as good in the lower speed corners," he said, before adding that they had been very competitive in Hungary for the last race before the summer race, "so that completely flips it upside down."

Fernando Alonso has been making similar comments about his Ferrari not being the fastest or most competitive car at this stage of the season, to which Hamilton quipped: "He would say that, wouldn't he?

"He's just positioning himself in a nice way. I'd probably say the same thing," he laughed.

As for his future with McLaren, Hamilton was continuing with his "nothing to report" stance, despite comments in the media from McLaren and Whitmarsh suggesting that Hamilton wanted to stay with the team and that a deal was close.

"My team aren't really saying much - what my team is telling me is that Martin said he didn't make those comments, said Hamilton. "This is a business. I'll always wear my heart on my sleeve but you have to be business-minded as well."