Pirelli says that it is happy with the current line-up of tyres it's offering to the F1 teams in 2012 and that they're not planning any changes for the remainder of the current season.

"We're certainly not making any changes to the tyres," Pirelli's director of motorsport Paul Hembery told reporters in Spa on Friday. "Last year we did make a few changes during the season. This year, because it's so close with 10ths of a second between the teams, it would be wrong for us to have changed anything.

"If one team had started then maybe performing better, we would have been accused of favouritism [if we changed things]," Hembery pointed out. "So we've had to leave it."

As for which compounds are offered as prime and option choices at each of the remaining events following Spa, Hembery said that there wouldn't be any surprises there, either.

"The choices probably going through to the end of the season are pretty logical now," he said. "I'm sure the teams will guess what's used."

Hembery said that he and Pirelli as a whole had been happy with how the 2012 season had gone up to the extended August break.

"Absolutely, it's been an exciting season," he said. "The racing's been fun - very interesting."

Admitting that he was "sure the headaches for the technical guys here have been quite big," Hembery said that he felt the season was settling down now and that teams were getting on top of their tyre use, meaning there it was unlikely that there would be any more 'surprise' winners in the remainder of the season. "I think we're seeing a pattern emerging now in terms of results," he said.

Hembery also sought to play down recent reports that he and Pirelli were unhappy that the test car they'd been provided with to use in their development work was of a relatively old vintage.

"The Renault car that we're using has been extremely good, very reliable," he insisted. "Probably the Renault is the right level of car going forward, because the cars of last season were quite substantially different.

"At the moment we're happy with what we've been doing with the test plan. Very reliable, good engineering support and we've been able to achieve what we want - so at the moment we're happy," he said.

"We have some more testing planned," he added. "We were meant to have been at Monza at the beginning of August, but unfortunately for some reason we weren't able to test - but we are going to Barcelona in a few days."

Longer term, Hembery said that Pirelli's development plans rested on their future in F1 as a whole.

"Going forward it depends of course whether we're going to be in the sport beyond the end of our contract," he pointed out. "Anything we did next year would be related to cars for 2014, not 2013."


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