Ferrari has confirmed that Fernando Alonso will not face any grid penalties for the Italian Grand Prix.

There had been some speculation the Spaniard might be landed with a five-place drop after brake and gearbox problems brought his running to an early close in P2 today, but that is not the case, although Ferrari technical director, Pat Fry did concede that to have three problems in one day was a bit of a worry.

"The mechanics definitely did not have time to get bored today! We had various reliability problems on Fernando's car that meant he was unable to get through his planned programme," Fry said.

"It's very unusual for us to have three problems in three separate areas - engine, brakes and gearbox - on the same day, therefore we will have to look very closely at what happened, to ensure it doesn't happen again."

"As far as the gearbox and engine are concerned though, they were units we were not planning to use in the race, so we will not incur any penalties tomorrow," he added.

Alonso meanwhile has downplayed the significance of the time missed out on track [see separate story - HERE].