Ferrari technical director Pat Fry admitted that the Monza weekend should 'ring some alarm bells for all of us' after an action-packed Italian Grand Prix both on and off track for the Maranello-based team.

Both Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa were affected by issues over the course of the weekend before finishing third and fourth in the race, although the pair were forced to race without working telemetry at one point after a failure in the garage.

Alonso in particular faced a challenging weekend before he was able to extend his points lead, being forced to start tenth after a car issue in Q3 and then sustaining damage when forced off by Sebastian Vettel mid-way through the race.

Speaking afterwards, Fry admitted that the whole weekend had been 'intense' and had sounded the alarm bells showing that the team has to be at its maximum in order to maintain its title challenge.

"Saying this has been an intense weekend would be something of a euphemism," he said. "We had various reliability problems on the cars in the past days and today we had one with the garage equipment which meant we were practically in the dark, in that we had neither telemetry nor television pictures on the pit wall, nor the link to the remote garage at Maranello, at what was a one of the crucial phases of the race, in other words as we were coming up to the pit stops.

"We had a bit of a communication problem and it was rather like taking a step back in time to the days when we didn't have all this equipment available: at one point we had to make do with the telephone to speak to Maranello and decide if it was the right time for the pit stop! We were able to manage the situation, but believe me, it was not a walk in the park.

"Then there was the incident when Fernando went off the track in his duel with Vettel: once the telemetry was working again, we spotted there was something not quite right at the rear, so in the final laps, we asked him to be cautious, avoiding the kerbs. When the car was in parc ferme, I have to say we could see the damage was quite bad, also affecting the aerodynamics. From a technical point of view, this afternoon, the tyre degradation was greater than we had expected going into the race: we must analyse the data carefully to understand why.

"We managed to recover almost completely from the situation we were in after yesterday's problems, but looking at the weekend as a whole, I have to say what happened over these days should ring some alarm bells for all of us: we have to do the maximum in every area if we want to win."