Mercedes team principal Ross Brawn has confirmed that he is planning to stay at the helm for at least a few more years and that retirement is not on the agenda, at least in terms of the 'near future'.

There were reports last month that Mercedes might scale back its F1 involvement at the end of next year [see separate story - HERE], but while the results this season haven't exactly been great - excluding that win in Malaysia with Nico Rosberg - Brawn is still said to be 'fully committed' to the cause.

Indeed he is excited about the new engine formula that will be adopted in 2014 and the potential this will have to shake up the order.

"I am not planning to retire at the moment," he told British newspaper The Daily Mail earlier this week. "I am very excited about this 2014 engine programme. I think it is quite a game-changer in F1.

"I still have a strong engineering passion, so having such a different engine and different package in 2014 is exciting and developing the team is exciting.

"For how long [will I stay as team principal], who knows? But I have no interest in stopping in the near future."

Meanwhile, Brawn also added that he can see Michael Schumacher going into management when he does hang up his helmet.

"It is possible [he could do that]," Brawn pondered. "There will be a day he does stop. We are not discussing that in detail because that is not a consideration at the moment. But Michael's experience of motor racing, his judgment and so on, would be an asset to any team.

"I am not sure he wants a day-to-day commitment that some of us do, but he would like to stay involved, he loves the sport, he loves racing, he loves developing the cars, how the team works.

"So I can full well see in the future that he would retain a strong interest. That will come one day, and I do hope it will be with us."

Schumacher did opt for an advisory role with Ferrari when stopped racing at the end of 2006, but the draw of competition proved too much and he opt to come out of retirement and join Mercedes for 2010.

Schumacher's current three-year deal expires at the end of this year and while German newspaper, Bild, has report that talks are in 'full swing' to sort a new contract, it is alleged that Mercedes has only offered him a one-year deal, while he wants one for 2013, with an option to do 2014 as well.

"There is still no decision. But we will continue to negotiate," Mercedes boss Norbert Haug told the 'paper.