Lewis Hamilton has refused to answer questions about his F1 future, insisting he will only comment on the job at hand in Singapore this weekend.

In a press session with reporters ahead of F1's annual night race, the McLaren man insisted he wouldn't take questions about his ongoing contract situation, which has seen him linked with a possible move to Mercedes when his current deal expires at the end of the season.

Mercedes are said to have put an offer to Hamilton and his management team while McLaren are also keen to retain the services of a driver it has guided from karting right through to the top of F1.

"Before we start, I'm not here to speak about anything but the weekend," he was quoted by the Press Association. "I've no extra news for you, so use your time wisely to speak about other things if you can.

"I'm just focusing on this weekend. The most important thing is not to get excited about the pace we had in the last race because it is going to be different this weekend. Other people, like Fernando, have said they're going to be bringing an update this weekend, so I hope we have something to combat that. I've other things to focus on."

However, while Hamilton stayed silent on the speculation surrounding his future, team-mate Jenson Button said he was enjoying reading the rumours with 'silly-season' well underway.

"Every day I read the papers - because we all do, even if we say we don't - and the websites and there's a lot of good reading out there!" he was quoted by ESPNF1. "I'm not sure how much truth is in any of it - not saying that you guys don't write the truth always - there's a lot of interesting things going on, but funnily enough there are no quotes from any of the people who are involved! It is amazing how you [the media] come up with so many stories and there are no quotes from the actual people involved saying yes or no. It's difficult for you guys in that situation, I know.

"But I don't know; you have [Luca di] Montezemolo saying [Perez] is not ready for Ferrari and you have him also saying he's not ready for a top team, so I don't know where he's going to be next year. There's a lot of talk and it's an exciting part of the season for everyone. For me, I obviously know where I am next year so it's a lot more straightforward but it's interesting reading all of the rumours. There's a lot of guesswork going on for everyone I think, and it's quite interesting."

Button did however admit that it was important for him to have a strong team-mate next season, with a desire to measure himself against a strong partner having been part of the reason why he joined McLaren in the first place.

"I personally moved here because I wanted a competitive team-mate," he said. "It's always fun really judging yourself; if you have a good day over a race weekend and you're in front of your team-mate and he's a world champion it means a lot more and you really enjoy that moment. When you're behind it's frustrating but you respect the fact that he's done a better job than you, so it's really good having a competitive team-mate, yes, that's the most important thing for me."


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