Mark Webber says that Red Bull needs to resolve its recent qualifying issues in order to retain hopes of securing silverware in the 2012 F1 season.

The team has failed to have both cars inside the top ten on the grid for the past three races, in stark contrast to last season when it has at least one car on the front row of the grid at every race on the schedule.

Given the high standards of recent seasons, those qualifying performances have, in turn, led to some disappointing results on race day for the defending champions and Webber admitted there was work to be done.

"Saturday's have been a bit more challenging for us - particularly in the last few events - so that leads to the assumption that we haven't got the maximum out of the car," he told the official F1 website.

"Lately we almost always finish qualifying unsatisfied. As our level in the team is very high, we naturally want to be at the front and so when we finish qualifying in Q2 this is not what we aim for. So yes, we are disappointed with our qualifying performance - but, again, if we had the answers we would fix them straightaway. There is no silver bullet. There is no such thing as one switch and then all of a sudden we are back on the front row.

"The success that we had in the last two years was not done by moving a switch either - it was a case of steadily getting there. At the moment we are not strong in qualifying, but we have the chance to turn that around."

Webber added that he wasn't lowering his expectations for the remainder of the season, but admitted that results needed to improve.

"We can still win both championships, so there is no lowering at all. The situation - and probably the style - is different, but we still can win both titles.

"Sure, I have not been satisfied with the last couple of events and of course don't want to continue like that. If you want to challenge for the championship you need to get bigger points. We had some gearbox penalties, which doesn't make it easier getting there, and Monza was not great either. In the end it was my mistakes that caught me out, but remember my last DNF was Monza the year before, so the fact is that my driving has been very consistent and right now I need to have stronger results. But that only goes together with the whole team.

"We are in the boat together- and indeed we had some very special victories together at Monaco and Silverstone, two iconic tracks. That was sensational in difficult conditions."