Pastor Maldonado says he is unsure what his future in F1 will hold after revealing that he is exploring other options away from his current Williams team.

The Venezuelan has been Williams since joining the grid last year and took his maiden victory in Spain earlier this year - although he has only scored on one occasion since, having taken eighth in Japan last weekend.

With extensive backing from his homeland, Williams are keen to retain the 27-year-old for the 2013 season, with it having seemed apparent that it was almost a done deal that he would remain in place for a third year.

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However, the former GP2 racer has now revealed that it is too early to confirm his plans and that there are opportunities elsewhere that he could chose to explore away from the Grove-based team.

"At the moment there is a chance to go to other teams but we are considering remaining here, but it is still too early," he was quoted by Sporting Life. "The team usually confirm their drivers at the end of the season but we are talking, negotiating.

"This is a good family for me I feel really good here, they feel really happy with me but we know how Formula One is, it can change one day from another.

"It is difficult to say, until other teams have confirmed their drivers you never know. It is difficult. I need to keep pushing, doing my job in the team to try and get some points and we will see."

Maldonado added that his continuation in F1 wasn't necessarily dependent on the backing he has from PDVSA, even though the company was pleased with the fact he has secured his place as an F1 winner this year.

"PDVSA is a serious company," he said. "I've known them for a long time and it is going to be all good I think because we have a contract and they have been always supporting my career in the past," he said.

"In Venezuela everyone is happy to see me in F1. We won one race this year which is amazing for my second year in F1.

"We haven't had the best car but we still managed to win. We are working very hard on the car and, as you know, I have a lot of responsibility in this team because I am the top driver here. It is difficult to accept that we miss many points this year, but it is never too late to recover."