Fernando Alonso insists that Ferrari doesn't need to make wholesale changes to keep his title hopes alive, despite seeing his championship lead eroded ahead of the Korean Grand Prix this weekend.

A second DNF of the year in Japan, coupled with a victory for Sebastian Vettel, has seen Alonso's lead cut from 29 points down to just four heading to the Yeongam circuit for the third Korean GP.

That DNF, as at Spa earlier in the year, came after Alonso was caught up in an accident at the start and with the Spaniard having run solidly in the remaining races, he said he didn't feel there was a need to change his approach as the title race hots up.

"I think we have been pushing from the first test in the winter, so nothing has changed in the last five races," he said. "We just need to keep doing the things we've been doing so far. I think it has nearly been a perfect championship for us at the moment, with good strategies, good starts, good approach to the races.

"We had one zero in Spa and one zero in Suzuka but down to things completely outside of our team, so apart from that, we don't need to change too many things.

"In these last four races, in which we lost a lot points, I think are just some unlucky situations. Things normally change, they go up and down. Hopefully our bad run will finish and we will start a run of good runs until the end."

Alonso added that he felt the title race was now developing into more of a two-way affair between himself and Vettel after Lewis Hamilton played down his chances on the back of a fifth-place finish in Japan.

"I don't know how many points he's behind now," he said. "Well, I think it's more difficult (for him) because now there's not only one driver ahead that you need to take some points off. We are now two with more or less the same points ahead and he's behind, so for sure the chances for him are a little bit lower.

"If we see the form of McLaren and Lewis before Suzuka, there's still plenty of time and plenty of points to do it. I think he still has the possibility..."