Michael Schumacher has said he would 'understand' the reasoning if Sebastian Vettel did go to Ferrari in 2014 and compete alongside Fernando Alonso, rather than opt to stay with Red Bull Racing.

Schumacher explained that there comes a time when you need a 'fresh challenge' and a move to the Scuderia would definitely tick that box given Vettel has been with RBR since 2009.

"There's a lot of talk about it [Vettel going to Ferrari at some point]. I think that everyone, as I experienced myself at a certain point, feels the need for a fresh challenge; he too will have that, if he takes a decision in that sense," the Mercedes driver told Gazzetta dello Sport this week.

Meanwhile, Schumacher has said he might resort to using a different sort of horsepower in the not-too-distant future to satisfy his hunger for competition.

"F1 offers the maximum as far as emotion, speed and work completeness are concerned. Another type of car wouldn't give me the same feelings so I'm stopping here completely [and won't do any other form of motorsport].

"I think I'll do Western riding competitions [instead now]. My wife Corinna, who has done these sorts of competitions for years, has already chosen the right horse for me. I'll go for it!" he added.

As for the rest of this year and specifically the next race in India, Schumacher is hoping for an upturn in form, after a difficult trio of races in Singapore, Japan and Korea.

"After three races which have not been totally satisfying, we naturally wish for a more positive trend to come, and I can say that everybody in the team has put in a lot of effort to achieve it. Let's see what we can make out of it.

"The F1 debut of India last year was certainly a success. There were a surprising amount of fans during the weekend, and the track itself really is cool.

"We drivers were given a very enthusiastic reception, and it will be interesting to see if this enthusiasm has remained as strong," concluded the record breaking multiple F1 world champion in the countdown to the 17th round in the 2012 F1 World Championship.


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