Stefano Domenicali has said Ferrari will have to work hard to try and secure the 2013 F1 title after admitting that Red Bull has the advantage when it comes to outright speed.

Sebastian Vettel secured his fourth successive victory in India to move 13 points clear of Fernando Alonso in the title race, with just three events to come before the end of the year.

Admitting that Red Bull has a better car, Domenicali said Ferrari would keep pushing to prevent the German from winning the title for a third straight season.

"It is clear at the moment that Red Bull have a better car," he told AFP. "But what can we say? We cannot cry. We need to work hard. Full stop.

"By saying that they are stronger, we don't have to change the approach we keep in-house. I have said to my team, 'listen, in 1982 at the World Cup of football, Italy was not the strongest, but we won the title'.

"We have the luxury of having Fernando with us, who is the number one driver, so it is something we will do and fight up until the end."

Domenicali added that it was vital the team remained optimistic about its chances of winning the crown and said Ferrari had to try and do its talking on track.

"I am always optimistic," he said. "In life it doesn't change to be negative, it doesn't give you points. If you have the right approach with the guys, we can maximise what we have. This is what I have told my people. When you are fighting you have to be brave to use the things you have in the best way you can. There are also the others who are fighting, and we have to respect them. But their life will not be easy until the end.

"If I say something it doesn't change what we can do. What I say to my people is try to do the best and we see if what we can do is enough to make sure we improve the car."