Christian Horner admitted that points for Sebastian Vettel were a remote possibility, now that Red Bull have decided to start Vettel from the pit lane rather than the back of the grid for the 2012 F1 Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

Vettel will have to wait until the green light comes on at the pit lane exit, and race director Charlie Whiting has said that this will only happen when the entire field has cleared turn 1.

That means Vettel will avoid any turn 1 incidents, but will also be further off the back of the field than he would have done if the team had started him from the back of the grid.

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"Sebastian has just got to go for it and try and get a point or two," Vettel told BBC Sport at the Yas Marina Circuit. "If he can salvage something, that would be remarkable.

"It will be tough for him to get a point here," admitted Horner. "To get anywhere near the points today would be a big result."

Horner said that despite the wholesale changes that the team had made to Vettel's car after removing it from parc ferme on Saturday night, there was no grand strategy to revive Vettel's race hopes.

"The plan is just to go flat out, go past as many cars as we can and see where we are at the end of the race," he said.

Even so, Vettel has some high profile supporters who reckon that he's up to the challenge, with Sir Jackie Stewart telling Sky Sports F1's Martin Brundle that he expected Vettel to finish in the top ten this afternoon.

Realistically, the biggest hope for Vettel's world championship hopes is that some sort of first lap fracas wipes out his rival contenders - in particular Fernando Alonso, who has been bumped up to sixth place on the grid as a result of Vettel's disqualification from qualifying after the Red Bull failed to comply with FIA fuel regulations.

But at least Horner can look to the team's other driver Mark Webber for success, who did a terrific job to win a front row starting position alongside polesitter Lewis Hamilton.

"It will probably be a one-stop race but we've got Mark on the front row, pushing for a win and hopefully giving Lewis a hard time," said Horner.

"I'm looking forward to the race," said Webber. "It's always a good atmosphere here and there's added interest with Sebastian Vettel coming from the back. I'm looking forward to having a good race."