This weekend is the lull before the storm: a pause before the back-to-back action of Austin, Texas and Sao Paulo, Brazil that will conclude the 2012 F1 world championship.

A good moment, then, to stop and take stock of what's just happened in India and Abu Dhabi, two races which in their own way may already have proved pivotal to the F1 world championship battle in 2012: Sebastian Vettel's domination in India extended his point lead, and then he was able to recover from seeming disaster in Abu Dhabi to minimise the setback with an after-dark podium finish to leave Fernando Alonso with it all to do.

But that much you know already, right? Before we head off into the back-to-back season finale starting next weekend in the US, it seems like the perfect time to pause and see how much attention you were paying to other aspects of the most recent two races, away from the headline-grabbing title battle.

There are ten questions for you about the fastest and the slowest, who crashed and who didn't, who made their d?but and how long it's been since an old hand last won a Grand Prix. All simple stuff for someone of your calibre, we're sure, but still a good way of limbering up for the two consecutive race weekends to come.

As ever, do try and avoid resorting to using the vast resources of Google, Wikipedia or even's own admittedly superlative news archives while you're taking the quiz - it's a lot more fun and satisfying that way.

Ready to get underway and impress us all with your in-depth knowledge of what's been going on in F1 in the last few weeks? Then CLICK HERE to start the quiz! When you're finished, do let us know how you did by clicking on the 'Post your comments' link below.