Nico Rosberg is convinced he will be able to handle the arrival of Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes in 2013.

The British driver is be touted as a potential saviour for the German squad, but despite his record, Rosberg isn't worried and he has again reiterated that it is a challenge he is looking forward to and one he is confident he can handle, as he said earlier this month.

"There's no concern, I'm pleased he's joining the team and it's a new challenge for me," Rosberg told ESPN.

"And yes, he's one of the best out there so it's going to be very interesting going up against him. But again, I'm convinced that I'll do well and we'll see how he goes.

"I'm very confident [for the future too], the team is really progressing well and we have a lot more employees who have joined the team this year and they're very clever people that are going to have an impact now - slowly but surely and especially for next year.

"I'm sure we are going to do even better and then also with Hamilton joining the team, that's going to be a good boost for everybody and I think it's a nice change and refreshing, which is good."

Rosberg also added that he has been 'pleased' with how he has handled being teamed with Schumacher, given the former Ferrari and Benetton man is, statistically speaking, F1's most successful driver ever.

"I didn't really know what to expect in the beginning, but I knew I was going to do well, but how I compared to him I had no idea. Now in hindsight to have beaten him in three years in a row, I'm very pleased. It's been important for my career, definitely," he added.