Pirelli has confirmed that teams will have the chance to sample its 2013 F1 tyres during the season finale this weekend in Brazil.

The company will provide two extra sets of tyres produced to the new compounds that will be run in 2013 for teams to sample on Friday - which would be the only chance or teams to try the tyres prior to pre-season testing starting in February.

The tyre provided will be something of a prototype, with the final specification for the new tyres to be determined during the off-season.

"We'll be bringing some of our 2013 prototype tyres to Brazil in order for the teams to get a taste of them during free practice," Pirelli motorsport boss Paul Hembery said. "With no testing until February otherwise, this will be an extremely valuable opportunity for them to see what our new tyres are like as they finalise their 2013 cars - so let's hope that it doesn't rain on Friday!

"Both the compounds and construction will be different, which means that the characteristics of the new tyres will be altered, with a wider working range and some compounds that are slightly more aggressive. We've yet to finalise where exactly all the compounds will sit in relation to each other, which is why we are calling the tyre to be used in Brazil a 'prototype' rather than giving it a specific nomination, but it will be very representative of our general design philosophy next year.

"We're looking forward to hearing the feedback from the teams about it, and of course sending our 2012 tyres out in style at what is usually a very demanding and thrilling race in Brazil, watched by some of the most passionate and welcoming fans in the world."