McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh says the team needs to take its chances next season after reflecting on the amount of points that were lost over the course of 2012.

Mechanical failures and incidents on track cost both Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button dear during the 2012 campaign, with Hamilton retiring from the lead on three occasions through the second half of the year - in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Brazil.

It played a part in the team only finishing third in the constructors' championship with the two drivers only able to manage fourth and fifth in the points standings.

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Speaking following the season finale in Brazil, Whitmarsh admitted it was disappointing for the team to have missed out on second in the constructors' championship following Hamilton's retirement in Sao Paulo and said the team had to ensure that it didn't lose as many points as it has during 2012 when the new season starts.

"It wasn't how we wanted to end but I think we've had a good competitive car for the last part of this season," he was quoted by ESPN. "That means we've just got to make sure we can do that for the beginning of next year. I think we've had a quick car for a lot of this year but we've got to make sure we're really taking the points when they're there to be taken.

"Too many have slipped through our fingers this year which is frustrating, but we come away with seven great victories. Many teams would be delighted with that - we're not delighted with it - but I think we've got a good foundation for next year, relative stability in the rules so we ought to be able to come out with a decent package next year."