Mark Webber has said he feels upgrades introduced by Red Bull in Singapore were the turning point for Red Bull in the F1 title race.

Team boss Christian Horner had said that Sebastian Vettel's drive through the field in Abu Dhabi was the key moment in the title battle after the German was able to minimise his losses to Fernando Alonso after a post-qualifying penalty dropped him to the back of the field.

However, in his regular column for the BBC, Webber said he actually thought the most important moment for Red Bull had come prior to Abu Dhabi, when the team introduced a series of upgrades in Singapore.

It was F1's annual night race where Vettel took the first of four successive victories that allowed him to move ahead of Alonso into a championship lead he wasn't to lose.

"The decisive moment in the championship fight between Seb and Fernando was the update Red Bull brought to the car for the final part of the season, starting in Singapore and with a series of improvements after that through Japan and Korea," Webber wrote. "Our chief technical officer Adrian Newey did a great job in turning an already good car into a great one at that point.

"The changes were subtle but they opened up a new window for the car in terms of performance. We were resolute in trying to get to the bottom of the problems we had with the car at the start of the year.

"We've not sorted all of them yet, which is encouraging as far as next year goes. We know there is still a lot of room for improvement with the new car, the RB9."

Webber added that the updates had been particularly important given that Red Bull had endured a difficult spell dealing with changing regulations which has removed some of the advantage the team had last year.

"The first part of the 2012 championship was very hard for us - we knew we weren't getting the best out of the car because we were struggling to get it to perform at its best," he said. "We knew there was more in it but we couldn't always access it.

"Adrian and the other senior engineers were all pulling their hair out a bit. But they stuck to their guns and got the car performing better, and we were so much stronger towards the end of the season.

"We learned a lot this year and hopefully that will stand us in good stead for 2013."