The FIA has moved ahead with changes to the DRS regulations for the 2013 season following a meeting of the World Motor Sport Council in Istanbul.

Under the new change, the use of DRS in practice and qualifying will no longer be free and will be restricted to the same zone that will be used on race day.

The other revision to the sporting regulations will see the team personnel curfew extended from six to eight hours on Thursday night, while only two exceptions will be allowed during the season as opposed to the four that were allowed in 2012.

A series of technical changes will also be put in place for 2013, with more stringent front wing deflection tests and minor changes to the front roll structure, alongside an increase in the minimum weight of a car to take into account the increased tyre weight.

The 'force majeure' allowance for a car stopping on track in qualifying has also been abolished, with the FIA saying it would 'determine how much fuel the car would have used to get back to the pits and add it to the one litre sample minimum'.

Further down the line, a requirement for cars to run under electric power in the pit lane has been put back to 2017.