Gerhard Berger has insisted Austria should be considered seriously for the vacant slot on the 2013 F1 schedule.

Although F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone recently moved to quash such talk, adding that his focus is solely on securing a race in Istanbul, Berger is adamant the Red Bull Ring - formerly known as the A1 Ring - is a worthy candidate.

"If Red Bull is in the game, nothing is impossible," the former McLaren, Ferrari and Benetton driver told Austria's Osterreich newspaper, when asked if talk of an Austrian Grand Prix in 2013 was 'realistic'.

"They [Red Bull] have the leverage for something like this: they have the track, they have all the facilities and the best contacts and the necessary standing in F1. And money should not be the problem [either]."

"The atmosphere was always unique [at the 'Ring]," he continued. "The Austrian GP had something - and I would absolutely welcome its return for our fans. The renewed Ring was superb and Red Bull always manages to make the best of things. From an Austrian perspective there could be nothing better [than its return].

"I raced there in the 1990s and I am convinced that the course fits even now. There is the modern infrastructure that you would have to have for F1 of course, but this would certainly not be a problem."

Asked about the facilities away from the circuit, Berger rejected suggestions there are not enough hotels.

"The opposite is case," he added. "The critics should look at what Red Bull has brought into the area in the hotel sector. There is a direct motorway connection to Graz [too] - in 45 minutes you're in the city. At Silverstone, I've got a much bigger problem in terms of hotels."