Daniel Ricciardo has said he has 'high hopes' Toro Rosso will be able to move up the grid next season, and that the appointment of James Key as technical director will prove a smart decision.

Toro Rosso struggled in 2012, with the squad scoring just 26 points. However, with Key's arrival back in September, Ricciardo reckons F1 2013 could be a lot more fruitful and he pointed out that his impact this year was always going to be limited given he joined so late on.

"There was only so much James and the guys could have done for this year," Ricciardo told ESPNF1.com. "Once the car is there, it's there and you can bring some updates that can help, but a lot is in the chassis and in the mould.

"There are a few things that came through in the last few races, but in terms of revamping the car it was always going to be pretty difficult after the summer break and that's why it was best to spend most of our time looking forward to next year.

"From what I've seen at the track [so far] he [Key] is quite an optimistic guy, quietly spoken but you can tell he gets the word across. He's definitely got high aims and he's very ambitious.

"I haven't seen it with my own eyes in the factory, but I can visualise what's happening and I think it's good.

"I don't want to get too carried away, but we have high hopes that we will move up the grid. But until it happens we won't get too excited, but it looks promising for now," the Aussie concluded.