Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vettel won the drivers' championship for the third year on the trot in 2012, but the big question now going into 2013, is can he do it again and make it four?

The German is certainly one of the favourites, even at this point, before all the teams have even unveiled their new cars, let alone begun testing them and well it is a tad premature to be asking who will succeed next season, we thought it might be interesting to get your thoughts now and we will then run the same poll again just before the season opening, Australian Grand Prix on March 17, to see if you have changed your mind...

We've included the top ten drivers in the 2012 F1 drivers' championship (shown in championship order) and we've also included an 'Other' option in case you think we've missed off someone that could pull of a shock result and take the laurels.

So do you think Vettel can do it again?

Or is your money on Fernando Alonso and Ferrari?

How about Jenson Button and McLaren? - and what about Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton?

This is your chance to let the community know...

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